January Spotlight Calls

Grand Swing Thru

From a Tidal Wave, an Ocean Wave of Six Dancers or more. Those who can turn by the right one-half (180°), then those who can turn by the left one-half (180°). If “right” is not specified preceding the command to Grand Swing Thru, it is understood to be a right-handed Grand Swing Thru. If Grand Left Swing Thru is required, it must be specifically directed – “Grand Left Swing Thru”, in which case, those who can turn by the left one-half (180°), then those who can turn by the right one-half (180°).


Starting from a Two faced line, Parallel lines of four. As the centers begin to Trade, the ends Cross Fold. Upon completing their Trade, the centers release hands and step straight forward forming an ocean wave or mini-wave with the dancers they are facing. If the Trade leaves the original centers facing no one, they step forward and remain facing out

Cut The Diamond

The centers of the diamond do a Diamond Circulate to the next position in their diamond, while the points slide together and Trade. Ends in a line or wave.

All 8 Spin The Top

Starting formation – Thar Star (stationary or in motion) or Wrong Way Thar (stationary or in motion). When started from a Thar Star or Wrong Way Thar, any motion is stopped, the handholds forming the center star are released, and each center dancer and the adjacent outside dancer Arm Turn one-half (180°). Those now in the middle Star three-quarters (walking forward), while the new outsides move forward one-quarter around the perimeter of the circle to join hands with the same person again in a stationary Thar Star or Wrong Way Thar formation

Trade The Wave

In an ocean wave, dancers facing the same direction in the wave Trade with each other by moving forward and passing right shoulders. Right-hand waves become left-hand waves and vice versa. Ends of the wave become centers and centers become ends.